November 04, 2003


I realized that I have written in a few days. Sorry, we spend the weekend cleaning house, cleaning up after the Halloween stuff and, generally, being slugs.

Trick or Treating went quite well. We had the military police in the tent as well as quite a few parents that were curious about what we had done. The kids all seemed impressed with everything and quite a few made sure to tell us how they appreciated all the hard work we put into everything.

The house is getting cleaner and cleaner. We're going through all the things that we can just put out in the storage building for the next year. John is making sure that I've got all the holiday items close at hand and that I have some extra room in his closet to store it all.

I'm not allowed to say when he's leaving. I can say that he is still here...for now. My boss and new co-workers are all very supportive and keep asking me if I want more time off on the day that he leaves. It might all be moot...I might just have to have him there at 2am or something. We have no idea what time the flights are or how early he has to be there. Who knows...he might not even leave that day.

For now we're just rolling with the tide. I can't change anything. I can make sure that we're spending time together and doing all the things that we know we want to do before he goes.

I am going to go change into my PJs and sprawl my happy ass out on the bed and read until my TV shows start. There are Halloween pictures in the gallery if you haven't looked since my last post. Starting on page 5 are the pictures from that night. Enjoy!

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