October 28, 2003

Working Girl

Oh how I am loving my new job. The four hours I was there yesterday just flew by so fast and I felt like I had just arrived when it was time to leave. I have a training class to attend this morning and then a little bit of time at work. I just can't believe that I have a job...a job that I love already. A job that will allow me to feel good about what I'm doing. A job working for people that really care about what they are doing.

It really couldn't have happened at a better time. John is going to leave soon and this really gives me something to focus on besides that fact. It is so hard listening to the phone ring and hearing him talk to his family. No, he isn't gone yet. Yes, he will call before he goes. I just hope that he gets to come home at some point in the mid-tour and see everyone. His family has already invited the WildChild to come spend some time there this summer and she is quite excited about the idea. I'm a little nervous about sending her off on a plane by herself, but we'll see how she feels about it. If she is really too nervous to do it, I'll fly out with her for a weekend or something. I'm sure she'll be fine though and spending time with his family is going to be a lot better than her being home alone most of the day while I'm at work.

Anyway....I've got to go finish getting ready for work. And make some more coffee. And get ready for work! Work! Oh how that makes me smile!

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