October 23, 2003

More gratitude

People, you can now uncross your fingers and toes, stop lighting those candles and put away whatever else it was that you were doing while hoping that I got a job. Why is that, you ask?

Because I GOT THE JOB!

I about fell over and dropped my cell when I got the call.

John had called me this morning and sounded really strange on the phone. Seems he'd gone on dental sick call and instead of rebuilding his back molar they just pulled it all out. He was on his way home but needed to go to the hospital to pick up the pain killers that they prescribed for him. I hurried up and got dressed and took him to Madigan. Thankfully there wasn't a two-hour wait to get new prescriptions filled.

He then thought we should stop off at the store and pick up a few things. $120 later we came home and I put all the groceries away and made him some overcooked macaroni and cheese for lunch. I then put him in bed and made sure the house was nice and quiet so he could get some rest.

Right as I was getting ready to fix dinner my phone rang and it was my new boss asking me if I was still interested in the job. Well of course!

I go in tomorrow morning to fill out whatever they want me to fill out, as well as talk about pay, hours and anything else they would like to talk to me about.

Holy cow...I have a new job!!!!!!!

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