October 21, 2003


Y'all have figured out that Halloween IS my favorite holiday, right?

So far the plan is this: Move the tent-like contraption that is now NAILED to 4x4s in the backyard and (somehow) walk all the way around the house with it and CAREFULLY slide it into the carport. No, we haven't measured yet. I figure if I break it, I'm OK with that. We then will cover the entire thing (minus the front of course) with a large, dark green tarp. I have no idea where said tarp came from but I've learned not to look a gift horse (or tarp for that matter) in the mouth. Then comes the hard parts...

I think we have more than enough dark sheets/blankets to cover almost all inside surfaces. I have a tentative plan on where things will be placed inside the tent. I have lots of black poster board to paint scary eyes on. I have probably half the crepe paper that I need and will end up buying more if I can find it.

The best part is that I think John will be able to fashion a fog chiller for the fog machine. The really cool part about that is that it makes the fog stick to the ground a little better.

I am a little disappointed that we didn't start doing research earlier. I would have purchased much better black lights. For this year, we will just live with the crappy little blubs that we have. NEXT year I will have the proper black light fixtures. I have two of those strange lamps with three fixtures on them, sort of like spotlights. I will point them all at the walls on the sides so that the painted eyes glow.

I'm psyched and wish I could start decorating tonight. John wasn't game with that idea nor with the idea of giving up the carport and the side door for that time period. Ten more days!

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