October 20, 2003


Lest everyone think that I'm sitting around being all morose or something, we've actually been planning our mini-haunted house for halloween! This is a big thing for us, since we usually start thinking about it the day before. I've got almost two weeks! Such luxury!

We're going to move our little tent-like thingy and put it in the carport (we hope...I haven't measured yet but hey, it IS a little flexible and we can sorta cram it in there, right?) and cover it with a heavy tarp. The insides will be covered on the sides with dark blankets/comforters so that the white mesh doesn't show. Then it is just a matter of rigging up all the blacklights, ghosts, fog machie and scary music. And yes, I did make John buy me a fog machine while we were in Korea. Even though we didn't use it, I knew that eventually I would have a place to decorate again.

I think the theme for the inside will be floating, glowing ghosts. I will also have a bunch of black crepe paper streamers just hanging down from the top. Easy to put up and easy to take down, right?

I still need to think of something for the candy. I've got a clear plastic container that could double as a "coffin" of sorts. The bonus would be that any glow-y stuff I put inside will show through. Maybe some of the purple lights with loose foam interspersed. Then I can put a bit of plexiglass down and all the candy on top of it.

Now all I need to do is convince John that jumping out at little kids isn't a good idea. Older kids? They are fair game!

More good news...I have another interview tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous since I know they had some good people interview after me. I really think that I would be perfect for the job. I care about what the organization does and I have all the skills and compassion for the position. I just have to trust that if it is meant to be, it will happen.

I need to go finish the laundry. John should be off at about lunch time and we're going shopping for day-glo paint, glow-y spider web stuff and spider makings and whatever else we think of. I also need to start making the ghosts so that we can paint them.

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