October 16, 2003


I'm cooking today. Literally. Chicken and dumplings. Starting with a whole chicken and everything! I seem to have also gotten the strong urge to make some baked apples for dessert. Something sweet for us to have while watching Survivor later.

I know...I don't know what's come over me either.

It is windy as all get out right now. I might have to go out and take down all the hanging plants to make sure they don't fall off of the hooks. The weather is playing the part of the crazy, bi-polar cousin today...sunny and calm one minute, dark and rainy and gusty the next. The WildChild asked me last night when it would be warm enough to wear shorts again. Without thinking, I answered, "May." I don't think she liked my joke.

I would imagine that my chicken stock is done by now. That would also mean it is time to pull the chicken out of the pot so that it cools enough for me to remove all the bones.

And the next time I use the word "really" THAT many times in an entry, someone please, PLEASE smack me, ok?

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