October 07, 2003

Out and about

I've been leaving the house the past few days! I know, shocking, huh?

Last night the Batallion held another pre-deployment briefing. There was some good information given out but nothing I haven't heard before over the past 18 years.

This morning I went to a training class since I said I would be a designated Point of Contact in the unit. I always feel a little strange going to these kinds of things since. I never quite feel like I "belong". I wish I could explain it better than that, but really, I just can't. I did have a good time and even won some chocolates when our group untangled ourselves the fastest. The lectures were informative. It was, I suppose, good to have that refresher course before the guys leave. I have no idea who most of the other women are in this unit and I really wish that they would have a meeting before the actual deployment. The pre-deployment briefings don't really count and really, a lot of women either don't go or are afraid to speak out in such a large group.

I suppose I will make my phone calls in the next week to the two women on my list that I don't know. I should also call the co-leader of the FRG and suggest that we hold some kind of meeting before the guys deploy. It certainly can't hurt things.

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