September 29, 2003


I've been good this morning. I did all my job applications already, both online and "snail" mail. I've also done a few loads of laundry. It is just now 9am people!

I took some pictures this weekend. They are up in the Gallery (or will be if you are reading this 2.4 seconds after I post) We built the raised beds in the back of the house. The only thing we need now is the plywood to protect the siding.

We went shopping and picked up a bunch of stuff on John's deployment list. Not the one issued by the military, but the one he made up of "things he can't live without" while he's gone. This list included things like a coffee maker, a color printer and various bags of candy. While we were shopping, I picked up one of those french press coffee cups. Instead of making a whole pot of tea or coffee, you can just make one cup at a time. Not bad, especially since I have instant boiling water from the water cooler!

Anyway, I'm going to end this. I've got more laundry to do and I'd like to do the floors while nobody is home. Then, if the sun doesn't come out soon I just might take a nap!

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