September 23, 2003

Boredom and an Award

I forgot to talk about this before...

I was nominated for an award. Outstanding Entry Diarist Award. I'm still floored.

I just spent the better part of an hour purging my wish list on Amazon. I must admit that I hadn't done it sooner because it always took the pages so long to load on dialup. I must have taken off 2/3 of what was there. I swear...anything there now, I REALLY want, ok?

I applied for two more jobs since the last entry. Thankfully, they haven't replied with any email rejections.

And I'm still convinced that I NEED a TiVo. Anyone got one to sell for cheap?

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Not a lot going on. The nice HR people were nice enough to make sure that I've gotten rejection letters almost every day of the week. Just makes my days!

In other news, I cooked some seafood gumbo. I documented it over in the pictures section. I also ate pralines that my daddy sent me (Thanks Dad!!!!) and spent most of the evening in sugar shock. Sooooo good!

The WildChild's face is slowly healing. Pretty soon we'll be slathering her up a few times a day with aloe to make sure it doesn't scar too much. She brought home some progress reports. Two C+, a few Bs and a few As. Overall so much better than last year. She really seems to be trying harder than she did before. She even swears that she'll not only maintain the As and Bs but also bring up the Cs to at least Bs. I'm secretly thrilled with it all, but made sure to let her know that I'm not happy about the lower than honor roll grades.

I applied for a few more jobs this morning. If anyone knows of any jobs in the Puget Sound area for me, please drop me a line. Please?

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