September 17, 2003


I am living in Slugville. It is sorta nice here, what with all the TV I can watch now and all. I'm not quite in tune with all the cleaning stuff yet, but I did a whole bunch yesterday and feel quite justified in not doing much today.

I still don't have a job. I've gotten more rejection letters. I have no idea where I'm at with the website thing. I'm broke. But hey...we're getting broadband in two days and I'll be able to entertain myself at least, right?

Oh, and we're going to see the B-52s on Saturday night at the Fair. I know, that whole sentence just seems wrong, doesn't it? " the Fair." shouldn't go with "...the B-52s..." at all. Evah.

I still want a vacation. John has to take a week off before he leaves. Unfortunately we're too damn broke to go anywhere and if (ok, when) I start a new job I won't have time to take a vacation. Damn the rock AND the hard place.

I also want a TiVo. Bad. Way bad. I want to be able to record all the cool shows for John while he's in Iraq. I am hoping that I'll be organized enough to just keep one series per tape and just mail them off when they are done. If I start them now, the tapes will be mostly full by the time he's ready to go and then I can start mailing them a few at a time once they are done. Allowing for football and specials and whatnot, he should be getting a bunch of TV stuff once he's been in the sandbox for about a month. A DVD recorder that records from VHS would probably be the ultimate. Do they even make those? Dialup makes it too depressing to go look.

Anyway, not much writing since there isn't much going on here. Being a housewife when there is just one older kid at home is pretty damn boring. Trust me on this one.

Oh. BackBite is now three years old as of this past Sunday. I know...I can't believe it either.

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