September 12, 2003

Late at night...

It is almost 2am and I am sitting here doing laundry. Welcome to my rock star life!

I must say that I have been enjoying the time at home in the evening. The WildChild does her homework as soon as she gets home...right after asking for the 2349874th time if she can have the radio/tv/computer on while she does it. I'm not relenting on that issue. Homework needs to have at least a touch of focus thrust upon it and by golly, I'm going to be firing up those boosters.

I also decided, at about midnight tonight, that she needs to spend Friday night cleaning up her damn room. We are somewhere in the netherworlds of trying to figure out who is doing what laundry. If she is home and I ask her for her dirty clothes, I'll wash/dry/fold things. Tonight I knew what she wanted to wear to school tomorrow. I also knew that it wasn't clean. I steeled myself and ventured into the room of a teenager. As you can see, I survived....barely.

I have no idea what it is with teens. Do they intentionally spill shit on their shirts? Is it just my child? I mean really, it is a good thing that I am some kind of demented laundry queen. I can get out most stains, as long as I know about them in advance of washing (or drying) and get a chance to treat them. It is almost as if the wildchild finds greasy stuff to put on her shirt, just to see if I can "fix it" for her.


I was sitting around last night watching TV and waiting for John to come home. He had said last week that he thought he would be home on Wednesday night. I even cooked chicken and dumplings for him. I know, you can get up off the floor now...I DO know how to cook. Anyway, I sat and sat and sat some more....then I got up and went to bed since it didn't look like he was coming home. He didn't, but he did call and say that it would be either Friday or Saturday night when he got home.

I think what struck me while I was sitting there is that this is what my life is going to be like for the next year. Sitting there, by myself.

I'm not really sad about it...I would say it is more like just numb. It isn't happening yet so perhaps it hasn't quite hit me yet. I'm going to have the couch to myself. The bed to myself. The shower to myself. The kitchen to myself.

My myself.

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