September 09, 2003

I will survive!

I would like it noted that I took the WildChild shopping (and a friend of hers) AND I survived without killing anyone. Of course, that might be because I bought two of the cutest damn sleep pants on the face of the earth.

She got four new pairs of jeans and a long denim skirt. Well, three pair of jeans, one skirt and one pair of denim capris.

Then we had "Major Drama" come to our door.

WildChild and E were sitting in the living room doing homework and I was recovering from the shopping trip back here in the bedroom. (OK, I was back here admiring my new sleep pants, but that is beside the point.) Anyway, the doorbell rings and WildChild goes to answer. It wasn't two minutes and E was back here in my bedroom telling me that a third friend was at the door and not happy with WildChild. About the time I am walking down the hallway I hear "You're a fucking ass...just a fucking asshole!" I quickened my step and saw the shock on the 3's face when she realized I was home (what, like my CAR sitting in the driveway wasn't a big fucking clue?) and she immediately shut up for a second. I quietly walked to the door, asked WildChild to leave the kitchen, then looked at 3 standing outside and said "Do NOT come to my house and yell at my child!" and I shut the door.

It seems that WildChild had some information about 3's boyfriend and his cheating while they were "going out" at the end of the school year. WildChild chose not to say anything and just stay out of the whole mess. Well, 3, being 13 of course, now feels that my child was helping the boyfriend by NOT telling 3 what was going on. I know, I don't really get it either. I didn't even know that WildChild LIKED 3 that well. And really, how the hell do you "go out" when you are in 7th and 8th grade? They don't go out places, they go to school and come home. (Well, that is what MY child did last year) Anyway, I seemed to have impressed E, who proclaimed me "totally cool" in how I handled the situation. They asked what I would do if 3 came back. I said I would call 3's mother. They laughed and, I think, secretly wished that she would come back, just so they could listen to me on the phone.

I might threaten my own child to within an inch of her life (especially where homework is concerned) but damnit, nobody else better come to MY house and try the same thing.

Someone please tell me that I don't have five more years of this. Please?

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What's my motivation?

You would think that someone who was unemployed and already had a clean house would find more time to write, huh? Yeah, you would think that, but people, I have news!

On September 19th I will be leaving the people at the kiddie table and moving up to the broadband table! Yes, we are finally going to get cablemodem! You also know what else this means, right? Yeah, our new TV channels kicked in. Do you KNOW how long I have been waiting to watch E! and Oxygen and the Travel Channel?!?! We don't need to talk about how long I sat, confuzzled and baffled about why my channels weren't what it said on the screen. I am, as I type this, trying to force my cable box to reset itself and download a new screen guide. I am hoping that unplugging it for an hour or so will work.

In other news, I sat down and talked to the WildChild about the school year. OK, I admit, I was watching Dr Phil for a little bit and it was a show about parenting. One mother had the exact problem that we've been struggling with for a few years now...namely, a child that just doesn't want to do the homework. The basics are that we need to find the "lever", the motivation that will keep her working hard. We did come up with something for the first report card. She wants her upper ear pierced. She's asked before, especially when we are out and pass a piercing place or Claire's or something. I refuse to let her get it done with a gun so I said that if she comes home with Bs or higher, we'll go get it done. We're still in negotiations about what the reward will be for a good progress report. I'm thinking about the temp hair dye things she was mooning over at the store the other day. I'm not quite sure how well they will rinse out though, and I'd prefer not to have a repeat of the red hair streaks in her hair that happened in Korea. Maybe I'll buy some, do a test patch on the underside of her hair and see how long it takes to wash out. I can handle a week or so...not months. It might even work as a weekly motivator. Don't do all your homework? No streaking your hair with wild colors.

We also talked about her friends and how they don't do well in school. I stressed that it doesn't make her any "cooler" to be failing, and in fact, only causes us to get upset with her since she has so much potential. I really think that my being here in the afternoons is going to be a good thing for her. She has already done an extra powerpoint presentation for school...she just loves messing with that stuff. I think she made it on the TV show Dead Like Me. Anyway...I am hoping that this is going to be the turning point year as far as her homework and all are concerned. I know it was for me...but mine was the opposite. I did great until I was in the eight grade. Then I discovered boys. :)

So...I am going to go wander around the house and see if I can find something to clean. Then I'm going to pay bills online and then check to see if I still have money left. Then I'm going to try and motivate myself to lift weights. I would try and walk but John has a HUGE pile of field gear sitting in the office and I can't lower the deck of the treadmill until he moves it all. Then I am going to watch E! and squeal with happiness.

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