September 06, 2003

Inside the BackBite Studio

I was reading Meg's journal and she is participating in the journaling interview thingy that so many people are doing. I signed up and got picked to interview (go me!).

The Interview Game: THE RULES
1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your website with my five questions and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Fun, no? Anyway, here are my answers...

1. I see that your archives date back to September 2000. How do you feel about having kept a journal for three years? What keeps you writing?

Has it been three years already? Man, time flies when you start getting old! I don't go back and read or edit old journal entries. It was almost painful to go through them all when I was moving everything to this format. If I could have figured out how to cut and paste without looking, I would have done that. I just remember the date (I think) being September 14th? I started the journal as a way to keep some kind of connection with my sisters and father while we were living in Korea. Some months I wrote a lot, others not so much. I had kept written journals at various times in my past, especially when I was going through some kind of emotional turmoil. I think it helps keep me sane. Not just writing, but forcing myself to articulate many of the feelings that are swirling around in my head and giving them an outlet. Some of those feelings are pretty boring though, so I don't like to go back and look. What keeps me writing? I honestly don't know some days. I enjoy getting email from people who tell me that something I wrote touched them or made them think or laugh or cry. OK, well I don't like making people cry, but you get my drift. Right now, with the pending deployment, getting emails from wives that are going through the same emotions and tumoil help a lot. I think it is easier for me to connect with them here rather than in person. I wish I knew why that was.

2. How did you come up with the pseudonym "Wildchild" for your daughter? When did this name most fit her? Does it still fit her now?

HAHAHA! Honestly? From the movie Major League. There is a little bit in there where a kid is dancing and has on a shirt that says "Wild Child" in honor of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. I have been calling her that since I got on the internet. My choosing to put my life (and name) out there doesn't mean that she wants to, so I choose to keep her as anonymous as possible. Especially when I write embarrassing things about her. She knows about the website but (as far as I know) doesn't read it. At least she hasn't said anything about what I have written. The name has fit her since she was a toddler. She was completely fearless. I remember taking her to a little carnival here on base and they had a Gymboree-like thing set up where the kids could jump and climb. She was all over it! The woman who was in charge asked if she was in gymnastics or something. She wasn't (and isn't, but is thinking about going out for volleyball at school) but from her fearlessness, you'd have thought she was trained on these things. Hanging by her knees and doing penny drops, swinging all over the bars and flipping herself off. It was pretty amazing. Does it fit her now? I think so, though she is becoming less and less of a child every damn day. That makes me both sad and scared as hell.

3. How many tattoos and/or piercings have you had in your life? Are you happy with the one(s) you have now, if any? If you have none, are you happy about that?

I have two tattoos and, including my ears, four extra holes currently in my head. My first tattoo is of a small island and palm tree with a sunset. It is actually quite small and on the outer right ankle. It was a 27th (?) birthday present to myself. I had wanted one for so long but never really had the nerve to get it done. I just woke up one day, got the money from the bank, walked into the tattoo place and got it done. Hurt. Like. Hell! The second tattoo I got is on my lower back. It is quite a bit larger and there is no other tattoo like it. I found the base picture online and fell in love. I took it to an artist in Korea who changed things a bit and drew out some of the things that I talked about. A few weeks later I went and got it done. It is almost 6 inches high and almost a foot across? (hard to measure your own back) I am quite happy with it but I think that some of the colors need to be touched up a bit. As for the holes....I honestly don't know what possessed me but one morning in El Paso I just woke up, found a shop that did piercing, walked in and asked to have my eyebrow pierced. I can't really explain it...I just WANTED it. I was quite happy with it but took it out for a job interview and couldn't get it back in. I was never good at that stuff and still a little whimpy about possibly hurting myself. Funny story: The day after getting my brow pierced, the wildchild went into school and told her teacher "My mommy got a needle in her eye yesterday!". The teacher actually called to make sure I was OK. Talk about a confusing phone call! I got my tongue pierced for the first time while I was living in El Paso. Hurt like a SOB but I loved it. Unfortunately, while I was home on vacation from Virginia, I had to take it out for another job interview. In just a few short hours it closed enough so that I couldn't get it back in. I lived without it (missing it the whole time) until I was in Korea. The same person that did my tattoo re-pierced my tongue for me. It didn't hurt nearly as bad and I am much more careful with it now. No chipped teeth or anything and it has been almost three years now. I tend to just forget about it but I do play with it absetmindedly while I am driving. Such a thrill for other drivers, I'm sure. The other three holes are one in my right ear, empty, and two in my left with just a small diamond stud in the upper hole. I rarely wear earrings but they haven't closed up yet.

4. How long have you loved gardening? What do you like best about it?

Actually I've only recently become interested in gardening. My older sister Yvette tells me it is something that just happens when you get older. My little sister Monica is still in denial it seems and can barely remember to water things. When I found out that John was going to be gone for three months this spring I decided to start preparing things to plant a garden. I figured it would keep me busy on the weekends and give me something to do other than sitting around missing him. What I like best (besides having my yard look nicer than my psycho neighbor across the street!) is just watching things grow from seeds or bulbs. I was pretty motivated when Spring arrived and all the tulips we had planted started to bloom. My neighbors would stop and tell me how happy my yard made them. People driving by would stop and compliment the yard if the wildchild and I happened to be out there. I have some BIG gardening plans for next year that will keep me pretty busy. Once we build the raised beds that will go the length of the back of the house, I will start preparing things for dahlias. I fell in love with them after seeing pictures. I will also plant some more roses, build a trellis and plant some ivy (to give us some privacy since the assholes here on base chopped down my tree 'fence'), plant some tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers, and find some more pink things to grow. I made some mistakes this year with some of the plants but I think it is all a learning process. I hate gardening here since I keep most things in pots or barrels. It just has such a temporary feeling. Someday I will own a house...

5. What is one thing that you really like about yourself?

Oh man, I hate that question! Physically I like my eyes. I really like my eyes. I have been complimented on them my entire life. They change shades of blue depending on what I am wearing. I've been accused of wearing contacts while I have my glasses on. I just like the way they are so light in the center and then have such a dark ring around the outside. Non-pysically, what I like about myself is how much I have mellowed out in my pending old age. Life used to be such drama and now? Not so much. Sure, I freak out about my child getting older and all that that entails, but other than that, I am a pretty calm person. I've taken on a point of view that I can't really change the things that I don't have control over in my life. Rolling with the punches and going with the flow just seem so much easier. Deal with things as they happen and muddle on through the best I can.

Can I go take a nap now?

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'Official' News

Look at all the officialness up in this place! I was actually looking for something about the certifications being done with Congress. I got a little sidetracked. And I'm doing laundry and cleaning house while doing this update.

First we have this article. I love me some Seattle Times, as you all know. It is a well written article that simply asks you to think for yourself about the Strykers. I'm lucky in that my husband doesn't actually USE one of those things, so the statistics on armament and such mean much less to me. Just tell me how they are going to protect all their support people...that is what interests me.

I feel a little sorry for the wives that have husbands working IN the Strykers. If John was working on equipment that was spanking new and never been tested in combat? Well, I'd be even more uncomfortable about this upcoming deployment.

You can see and read more about the Strykers here and here (though the second website hasn't been updated since June, 2003). OK, and I must admit that this made me giggle like some kid...but the Army has a link for "...a Stryker Brochure." (here and warning: .pdf file ahead) What....are they fucking selling them now or something? Got a few cool mil to toss around? Maybe get it lowered, put a few spoilers on the back, paint it red. How long until Arnold has one?

This is an article in our local paper about what John's brigade is doing while playing out in the woods for ten days. At least they are finally talking about being gone for a year. I was getting a bit uppity when I would hear other wives talking about how they think their husband will be home by April. I was good, keeping my mouth shut when what I really wanted to say was, "Honey, face it, he'll be gone a year. Just prepare for that and IF they come home early, what a nice, early Christmas present!"

I think that is enough for today. The grass needs to be cut before it rains tomorrow. There is still more laundry to do. The wildchild needs to be taken shopping (someone just kill me now...please?) and I would like a nap.

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