September 05, 2003

Unemployment is fun!

So...I'm officially unemployed.

I had a wonderful evening at school tonight...until my stick got broken.

My students got me an awesomely cute card, a beautiful hanging basket full of flowers, a cake proclaiming me the hackey sack champion of 2004 and lots of hugs.

I'm going to miss them bunches and bunches...but man am I glad to know that I'll be home in the evenings now.

I just opened a nice bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz (not bad for a fairly cheap wine) and now I'm going to go play on the internet for a bit.

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Procrastination Street

I lied. I didn't go to the store yesterday. I just couldn't face it. Not that today will be any better, but it is now five days past payday and hopefully it won't be too crowded. Of course, I opted to start a new journal entry rather than run right out to the car. Yes, I do have my priorities straight...I am putting YOU, the reader, ahead of my need for wheat bread and milk. No really, no thanks is needed.

So tonight is my last night of work. I am incredibly happy about it and I think that I've hurt most of the students by NOT crying about leaving. Well, for starters I am just NOT the Cry In Public type person. Sorry, that sort of stuff might be fine for others but I just can't bring myself to cry, especially in my workplace. Also, I am just so happy to know that I won't be working nights that I can't help but smile about it. Even the wildchild is happy to know that I'll be home with her every evening. Personally I think she's just happy to know that she won't be eating frozen dinners five nights a week while daddy is gone. Yeah, she loves me.

I have to take her shopping this weekend for school clothes. Feel free to deposit large amounts of cash in my account for me, since I have a feeling it will be crying in agony once we are done. I was shocked to find out that the poor child can wear my shoes. You realize what this means, right? I'm going to be drinking coffee one morning and she's going to ask to borrow my Docs. She also informed me the other day that while she has no desire to have her tongue pierced like her weird mother, she would like her upper ear or her nose done. I was good, I didn't drop everything I was carrying and have heart failure right there. I don't have the nose for a piercing, but she does. I think I'll offer to take her and get her ear done IF she brings home B's and above on her report card. I'm not sure what it would take for me to let her do her nose. At least she didn't ask for a tat, right?

Anyway, I think my procrastination has hit the breaking point and I have to leave for the store if I want to be done and back home in time to get to work. I do solemnly swear not to move anyone's cart today....well, not too far anyway.

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