September 04, 2003


Ya know, I honestly don't have a lot to talk about.

It is wonderfully quiet in the house during the day. John is out playing in the woods for a week or so and the wildchild has gone back to school. The cats and I are in heaven!

I took some pictures.
This one here is my purse, the one I carry every day.

uh, yeah, it is...

Then I emptied it out and this is what was in there. This is the stuff that goes everywhere with me.

Look! Purse stuff!

I also took a closer picture of my wallet-like thingy that I carry. It is nice because if I am just running out to the store real quick or driving the wildchild someplace, I can just grab it out of my purse and take it.

I know it is cheesy, but that is why I love it!

I think the only thing missing from the picture is my cell. If I've noticed the battery getting low I put it on the charger overnight. Well, that and the camera, which I have started carrying with me all the time.

So um, wish me luck and pray for my safe return...I am about to trek off to the commissary. This normally would only be mildly dangerous but, and military people will understand me's case lot sale time. I know...I tried to see if I could wait a few days and I can't. We need milk. We need bread. We need mayo for our tuna salad! All that and I'm sure that the wildchild would like something besides onion bagels for breakfast. Oh don't look at me like that! SHE asks for them! I usually buy her blueberry just because I think they are more breakfast-like. I need to find something healthy, not too high in fat or sugar, and, preferrably, quick to make/eat. Nothing like setting those breakfast standards nice and high!

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