August 24, 2003


I have no idea what I'm still doing up at this hour. It wasn't like I slept late this morning. I didn't take a nap. I didn't have more than a few (large) cups of coffee this morning. I'm just....up. And bored.

Played around in the garden a bit this afternoon before heading out to Costco. We were pretty good while there and didn't spend all our earthly money. I did get some more printer ink and a whole pack of paper for photos. I also got some more bottles of water since John and the WildChild have been sucking them down like they are going out of style. I was good....I didn't buy all the bags of bulbs that they had. It was hard, believe me. They had some bags of the same tulips that we had last year, so I want to get at least two more bags of them. There were some other smaller ones that seemed pretty. I'll just have to hope that they have some left at the end of the month.

We also stopped at the store on base because I was craving Greek food. We made spanokapeta. There was also a very failed attempt at saganaki that we just don't need to talk about. No, I didn't set the house on fire or anything but it still failed miserably. I think we need to find a specific pan or something so that it stays warm and don't immediately turn into a rock of cheese that isn't so spreadable.

It was a little weird walking through Costco and the grocery store with John. We're slowly shifting into the pre-deployment stages. We walked up and down the aisles and started looking at things that he would want sent to him while he is gone. We debated on the chocolate items and such, but I have no idea how hot it will get there in the winter time so we'll just have to wait on the super-good treats. There were lots of requests for the dried fruits and various crackers. He asked that I not mail him girly shaving gel even though I secretly think he uses mine occasionally. It does smell so much nicer than the "manly" stuff. He was constantly pointing at things or picking them up to show me. He likes these kinds of razors but not those. He doesn't like these crackers but likes the other kind. He doesn't want raisins or dried mangoes but the dried strawberries were good. The blue listerine pocket paks are better than the green.

It all just makes me sad.

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