August 22, 2003

the house of random

Today was John's last day of class. That means that he won't be home for an hour in the middle of the day. That sucketh muchly. I can live...only two more weeks of work then I join the ranks of the unemployed. I can't wait to be home EVERY evening!

I figured out today that I've taken almost a thousand pictures since I got the digital camera at the beginning of June. Obviously I don't post them all. I want to post more but I am beginning to hog up my server space with photos. I think I'll have to bump up my package once John is gone. We're trying to make sure that he goes off to the sandbox with a decent digital camera. It doesn't need to have a million bells and whistles but a zoom would be nice. And software that runs on an old OLD laptop. (Y'all don't think I'm letting him take THIS laptop, do you??) Anyway, if anyone knows of someone selling a digital camera (with attachments, like the damn cords!) for a decent price, please let me know. I don't want to spend too much since it will most likely be abused.

I talked to my son again the other night. Wonderful phone call until he drove into "no cell signal" land. Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that his request to get stationed up here goes through, ok? Because I would like that. A. Lot.

The wildchild is doing great. I hardly see her during the day since she spends all her time at the lake. I'll be glad when school starts. And that I'll be home once school starts.

I still need a job. Still waiting to hear about a certain website gig (hint! hint!) from a friend. I'm still playing out in the garden and have now instructed John to go pee out by the rose bushes each night. Oh stop laughing, the fuckers have now eaten all the damn leaves! At least they left a few buds this time. I'm just trying to get one last hurrah out of them before I have to prune them back. I am also trying to plan my garden for next year. Let's just say that John has a lot to do before he deploys. I have some big plans!

Life is just....well, life right now. The world is turning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Just life.

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