August 19, 2003


Don't be surprised, dear Cancer, if you wake up feeling super today. Chances are good that you'll feel a renewed physical strength, with energy to spare. Because of this, it might be a good day to tackle any projects that require you to use some muscle. Perhaps there's some household repairs that need tackling, or furniture you want to move around. On the fun side, you might want to get out to the gym for a workout. Whatever the activity, this is a good day to go for it with gusto!

When I woke up and signed on this morning, that was the horoscope that greeted me. No, I don't really believe in them but they are usually a way to start the day with a little humor. Lord knows I could use a whole lot more of that in my life right about now.

Nowhere in that horoscope do I see "...and you'll be jolted back into reality when you turn on the TV." It doesn't say that the first words I will hear upon turning on the TV will be "This has been a CBS News Special Report." OK, so I woke up a little late this morning but only because I couldn't fall asleep last night. One of the last things I watched on TV was a reporter in Iraq talking about how the Jordanian Embassy bombing was making the troops more nervous than the actual shooting at them. This morning I wake to find that the UN headquarters in Bagdhad was the target of a truck bomb.

Welcome back to reality.

I am not quite sure what to think. I sometimes feel a little silly about talking about how so many things happening in Iraq make me nervous when my husband isn't even there yet. Then I remember that this is my journal and I can write about or feel silly about anything I damn well please. Do these things get under my skin a bit deeper each time? Yes...and they do make me worry about John's safety when he deploys. I worry because I don't think there are any "safe jobs" left. I worry because soldiers are not only dying from ambush attacks but also accidents. I worry because...well, because I can.

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