August 16, 2003

new stuff makes me happy

I think John was tired of listening to me complain about how badly my printer prints photographs. Even using the special photo paper and all they look like shit. They look bad enough that a friend of mine from work (hi buddy!) printed me a beautiful full-size picture of Chris. I forgot to buy a frame for it today, but it is hanging above my desk in a sheet protector until I get one.

He took me shopping today and got me a swanky new Epson. I had looked online and found them for about $149 at the PX website. Imagine my happiness and surprise to find it for $75 in person here on base! There was one left and it quickly became mine all mine! John also made sure to get me some photo paper and some little 4X6 photo sheets so I can print photos to my heart's content.

We wandered into the rest of the computer area, mainly to find a printer cable as well as a little cable so that I could hook up some external speakers to my laptop. We found a USB cable for the printer as well as the speaker cable. Then....THEN we found the coolest little light in the world! The base looks like a little mouse and it has a light bar that comes off of a bendy arm. It shines just down on my laptop which makes it utterly perfect for me since I am usually only here during the night when John is sleeping. To the rest of the room it isn't much more light than the bit coming from the laptop screen. I am completely in love with this light!

Here are two pictures of my new things. I even turned off the flash so you can see where the light shines.

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