August 15, 2003

Dear all suck

So after reading yesterday's article, I read today's. I honestly am beginning to wonder if the people running this damn country are on drugs. Seriously. What other "incentives" could they be talking about? I can't think of any physical item that you could give me that would make up for the money that will be taken away.

Senators make $154,700.

Hold on, I'm a little fucking speechless after finding that out....

One hundred and fifty-four fucking thousand dollars a year? Starting pay? Well no wonder they aren't worried about a few hundred dollars a month! My husband has been doing his job for twenty years now and he makes $38,193 a year. I don't see those cushy Senators running out to serve in Iraq or Afghanastan. I do, however, see them sending my husband away for a year while telling us that we'll receive a few hundred less dollars a month.

I would like to see a member of our government life this life. Really, we could even make it a new reality series! Pussies in the Line of Fire! Black Eye for the White Guy! You Can't Afford That! I Make WHAT?? Food Stamp Island!

This quote from the article linked at the top really gets to me:

"We prefer other compensation powers to ensure that we target benefits on the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan," he added, citing incentive and other packages that the Pentagon is authorized to use.

What are they going to do? Pass out cookies? Give the troops a two day pass out on a boat somewhere? Proclaim a second Christmas in July?

Here and here are links to show who served in the military. I'm not going to say that it should be a requirement for all public office holders to have served this country, but for fuck's sake, it certainly wouldn't hurt! The majority of those making decisions that DO have a direct impact on my life, my husband's life and the well-being of our family...well, they have no idea what it is like in this life.

My husband will go away for a year. We will be fine, even if we lose the few hundred extra dollars a month. I certainly have the right (and will exercise it muchly) to gripe and bitch and complain. I don't see their spouse being sent away for a year. Judge me when you've walked in my shoes.

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