August 14, 2003

Dear Pentagon...

I just finished reading this.

Dear Pentagon,

I realize that y'all would like to save some money. I also realize that this whole operation in Iraq is costing you a lot more than you initially imagined. What I am wondering is if YOU realize the hardship you will be placing on the thousands of military families once you rollback the pay.

It really starts to piss me off when I think about the people that are making major decisions that will have a huge effect on my life for the next year. You see, I know how much you make. It is a helluva lot more than my husband makes, that is for damn sure. You may not think that a few hundred dollars a month is going to make a big difference. What is that to you? A few less lavish dinners out each month? You are fucking with the emotions and finances of enlisted personnel. Enlisted personnel that have repeatedly raised their right hand under oath to serve this country. Enlisted personnel that are living under some of the worst conditions in the world. Enlisted personnel that are risking their life EVERY DAY, voluntarily for this country. Enlisted personnel that, on average, make a low enough salary to qualify for Earned Income Credit. Enlisted personnel that qualify for food stamps. These are the people you are fucking with.

It pisses me off to think that people making quadruple what my husband makes are going to think that taking money away is a good thing. They think this is a good idea when they have just informed so many soldiers that they are going to go spend a year away from their families? They think this is a good idea when there are still so many soldiers losing their life so far from home? They think this is a good idea just because the President said that "major conflict" is over?? It is NOT over. It won't be over until our soldiers stop getting ambushed. It won't be over until our soldiers stop getting attacked with bombs and gunfire. It won't be over until the majority of our soldiers are back home.

The US Government just mailed out how many millions of dollars in "refund" checks yet they can't find the money to pay our military what they are worth?

How fucking sad is that?

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nothing major

I posted a few more pictures yesterday. Just some more pictures of the house. I swear the dining room picture looks completely different now. We cleaned up a bunch of the mess and moved a few tables around. I'd take another picture but the wildchild is out napping on the couch right now.

Had a pretty good night at work last night. There is a teaching interview for my replacement today so we'll find out how that went when I get in there tonight. They did ask if I could for sure cover the first few weeks of the next class and of course I agreed. That'll put me through the end of the month so I'll have a whole paycheck. I was quite clear though...I will not teach the entire six weeks.

Still no word from Comcast about the cablemodem. The stupid postcard said "on or shortly after August 12th" which came and went with no new channels. As soon as they show up I can call for an install date...hopefully. I'm dyin' for broadband here!!

Other than that, nothing major going on here. Just waiting around for the end of the month. Waiting around for the middle of October which seems to be speeding it's way here with alarming speed.

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