August 13, 2003

Dear suck

I basically got that times three today.

Three rejection letters.


Really people, is asking for a day job too much? I'm not asking to make a gajillion dollars. I'm not even asking for bennies. I just want to work weekdays during the day. A bit above minimum wage would be nice at this point.

Do I really suck?

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Never alone

This is an excellent article about how the troops are dealing in Iraq. Personally I feel that any support teams that go over should stay just as long as the troops...a year. I'm sure their living conditions are better than those living out in the middle of nowhere in a tent. Why can't they do a year? Wouldn't it make more sense instead of starting from scratch every few months?

Should I read articles that deal with the 3rd ACR? I can't say that this one makes me any more comfortable, but I suppose that articles just stating "Everything is fine, no new news here!" just don't sell papers, huh?

I would like to say something, especially to those fellow wives that are finding this journal by searching for "3rd ACR"...hi. I know that in a few months my husband and his fellow soldiers will be there to support the ones you worry about. No, I don't have pictures. (There were a lot of searches that included the word "pictures") I wish I did. I wish I could line up all of your husbands and snap a daily picture for you so that you know he is safe and sound. I wish there was some magic way for me to make you all feel better. Short of placing your husband in your arms...I'm at a loss. When we said "I do" we signed on for the ride of our life. Our husbands are the faceless many that make news as "the military" and we stand there, watching...wondering...worrying...but almost always in the background. I don't know if my words bring comfort to anyone but myself. I hope they do. I hope they let even one wife know that she is not alone. As long as I'm writing, she is never alone.

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