August 08, 2003


To the Honorable Adam Smith:
I recently came across a link to a bill that has been proposed. ( here )

As the wife of a US Army soldier I am urging you to support this bill. In October my husband will be deployed with the new Stryker Batallion to Iraq. Knowing that we can send care packages and letters free of charge will go a long way in helping us deal with the deployment.

There have been so many rumors concerning rolling back pay allowances for those deployed and yet, my husband pulled back his retirement papers so that he could support his unit for the entire length of the deployment. Supporting any bill that would ease the financial and emotional burdens placed on military families would seem the prudent thing to do.

Please remind your peers that there are families attached to every soldier that is stationed away from home. Especially now, while some of those soldiers are coming home, people tend to think that "things are over". For those of us preparing to say good bye to our soldiers, things are just beginning.



Write your own representative and please, support this bill as well as our troops.

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must. not. cry.

There was a boy.

At the door.

To see the WildChild.

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