August 06, 2003

Interview pt. 2

Well, it wasn't completely horrible. I missed one spelling word on the test they gave me. Hey, stop looking at me like that, I would have used a real dictionary or something! I can, however, use the appropriate words, do math, and see if "one of these things is not like the other".

I had to rewrite my resume. I think I did a pretty good job. I emailed it off this morning to my staffing guru and am waiting to hear from her. I still need to go take a typing test and such. I was sort of pushing my "one hour free street parking" thing, so I left before I had a chance to take them yesterday. Ms. Guru didn't think that the tests would take very long so I'll try and scoot back in there today and take them. After filing my nails of course. And typing on the desktop keyboard to get used to a real keyboard again. And, ya know, getting dressed.

I suppose I should finish up my coffee and run through the shower so I can get started on my day.

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