August 04, 2003

How to kill your self-esteem

1. Work for years in jobs that give you all of the skills that companies want before they hire you.

2. Work your butt off trying to find jobs when the military moves you from place to place.

3. Find a good job that has some pretty cruddy hours.

4. Realize that you can't keep working those cruddy hours for the year that your spouse will be deployed.

5. Talk to quite a number of temp/placement agencies and show them your resume.

6. Try to smile as they tell you that you are a "hard to place" person.

7. Wonder if you could just leave off all of the "locations" on your resume and see if that makes it less obvious that you are a military spouse.

8. Resign yourself to the fact that looking on your own is just not cutting it.

9. Sign up with the two most active temp agencies in the area.

10. Try not to cry.

Y'all, job searching sucks. Bad. Way bad. I have all of the skills that employers want. Hell, I TEACH most of the skills that employers want. There is that little bit about being a military wife though. They just automatically assume that I'm going to up and leave some time soon.

Let me explain something...I work because I need to work. I work because our country doesn't pay my husband (or any other military person) what they are worth. I work to have a bit of extra money so that we can enjoy our life. I have left wonderful jobs because the Army has sent us around the world. I have endured job searches like this one so many times that it is utterly depressing. Retirement? I don't work anywhere long enough to get that. I am 37 years old and I am applying for jobs that I'm probably over-qualified for...just so that I can work full-time and during the day.

Discriminate against me because I have blue eyes or red hair. Discriminate against me because I wear Doc Martens. Don't discriminate against me because I've spent my adult life being married to someone who serves this country.

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