July 28, 2003


I had a feeling that if I just didn't push the issue, he would see where I was coming from. We snapped at each other about it on Saturday afternoon. I understand that really, the decision is much easier for me to take, since I'm not the one that will have to go spend a year in hell. Today at lunch though, he finally said he understands where I'm coming from. Doing the retirement next year will be bad on so many levels that it just doesn't make sense any longer. The only reason to keep the paperwork in would be so that he doesn't have to go for a year.

We both would like to live someplace warm and sunny all the time. That is going to take time to arrange, to plan. Time we won't have if he retires next year.

I'm just glad we aren't arguing about it any longer. Hopefully he will tell me in the next few days that he's pulled the papers back. Yes...it will be sad that he'll be gone for the entire deployment. We'll live. We've made it this far, right?

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