July 26, 2003


I'm almost ready to go to bed. Soooo tired.

I didn't wake up until noon-ish. You don't need to know why I was awake until 8am, ok? :) Went outside and laid in the sun for about an hour. It was quite nice actually. Not too hot, nice breeze. I'm hoping it will be as nice tomorrow so that I can get more sun.

Took the wildchild to the store today and bought her some new clothes, shoes, sandals and bras. Poor child inherited her mother's chest. And the wide feet. I finally gave up and told her to pick out whatever damn shoes fit.

We wandered around the PX for a bit more picking up odds and ends. I bought the Coldplay CD that I wanted. Bought myself some new headphones so that I don't feel like crying when listening to the MiniDisc. Headphone makers, pay attention...there IS a market for those of us that don't have "normal" sized ears. Earbuds? The ones that hang over your ears? The ear-clippy ones? I can't use any of them. After a few minutes I just want to cry. I got a nice pair of Aiwa noise-cancelling headphones. They look a little freaky and weird, but I'll be damned if they don't actually work. I can't really hear the air conditioner and I'm sitting about three feet from it. I mainly like them because they fold all nice and flat and I can slip them into a laptop case. John balked at the price but really, all the cheaper ones just don't work for me. They are quite cool looking and all but I can't wear them.

We came home and put stuff away and then went out to Outback for dinner. I already feel like I have a carb hangover and all I really ate that wan't LC was the two beers and the bloomin' onion thing. I got the ribeye (what else?) and it came with fries. I let John pick at them until the nice lady came and took the other two-thirds of my steak and put it in a to-go container. Oh...I did have a small bite of John's garlic mashed taters. Quite tasty.

Stopped at the store and bought the makings for some tasty beverages, one of which I am partaking of right this minute. I think I'll go lay in bed with the remote and surf around until I find something to make me fall asleep. That might take all of about five minutes.

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