July 23, 2003


Being armed with information is the best way to deal with almost any situation, right?

This says what we've figured all along. He'll be gone for a year.

"At least two reserve combat brigades would be rotated into Iraq, as would the Armyís new Stryker brigade home-based at Fort Lewis, Wash."


So killing the sons was a good thing. The following quote, however, pisses me off for some reason...

"Itís also another step forward for President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair after weeks of nothing but bad news. Both beleaguered leaders benefit from the distraction of attention away from the daily murders of U.S. troops and the ever-elusive weapons of mass destruction. But more than that, the deaths underscore why they went to war in the first place: to rid the world of a bloody and dangerous regime."

Somehow I don't think that the families of those that have been killed in Iraq are distracted at all by the deaths of Saddam's sons. I don't think that people should be distracted from one death by another. Ultimately our president sent these soldiers into war. How do you fucking distract from that? Oh look, we killed a few bad guys....love me again!

Sorry, not buying it this time.

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"official" news


So...I'm not telling y'all anything that isn't official "media" now. I won't give specifics that aren't in the media, but there it is...they are going.

I can't believe the words coming out of my mouth. "Maybe we should think about pulling back the retirement papers." Did I just say that? Did I just state that perhaps we should spend another year here?

I've been pretty concerned lately about this deployment. Do I trust them when they say that he'll be sent home a few months before he is supposed to retire? No, I don't. The whole idea of having such a short time to do what usually takes people a year to do? Not comforting in the least. If he pulls the papers back he'll be gone the entire deployment. If he pulls the papers back, he can't resubmit them while he is deployed. If he pulls the papers back, we're looking at the summer of 2005. I'm more comfortable with that idea rather than jumping through hoops to find a job/home/life in a month or so.

He's thinking about it. Seriously thinking about it. I don't think he is any more trusting or comfortable with the idea than I am. Sure, I would like it to be done and over with. I'd also like to not cut off our nose to spite the face.

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