July 18, 2003

one hour flight

You are so tired. You just spent over three hours being crowded between a big burly man in the center seat and the window. Your head is pounding. You have walked to three different gates as the airlines changes things around. You are almost beyond happy that the very first seat on the tiny plane was open when you checked in. A seat...all alone and with extra leg room....total bliss right now. You board the tiny plane after a million and ten delays.

The plane finally pulls away from the gate and you settle in for your flight. Once airborne, you glance out the window.

For almost an hour you totally forget your headache. You totally forget that you haven't eaten all day. You totally forget the stress about not getting an email. All you see is beautiful. Beautiful sunset across the Chicago skyline. Beautiful colors ranging from deep blue to the prettiest pink you could ever imagine. You look out the window as you fly over the lake. Where does the world end and the sky begin? It looks seamless from way up here. You stare out the window until the pretty colors blend into the deep dark purples and blues of a night sky.

That was the quickest one hour flight of my life. And the most beautiful.

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