July 15, 2003

Confusion minus caffeine equals what?

Interaction with others may not be especially satisfying for you today, dear Cancer. You may get the feeling that other people don't really care as much as you thought they did. Keep in mind that everyone is doing the best they can and that most people are not as sensitive as you are. They probably have no idea what sort of impact their words are having on you. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

That is my horoscope this morning. Earthlink is nice enough to put it smack dab at the top center for me so it is the first thing my foggy brain sees when I fire up the internet.

What confuses me is this...besides the fact that it makes sense to me this morning (you don't need to know why) and besides the fact that the "unsatisfying" part has already come true (didn't get an answer I liked, or any answer for that matter), no, what confuses me is what if the person I have on my mind is another Cancer? Did my words have a negative effect on them? Are they just as damn sensitive as I am? If I'm to give them the benefit of doubt, are they giving me the same? Understanding that my words weren't meant to hurt either? I do think they are doing the best they can...but are they thinking the same of me?

This shit is way too confusing before I've finished my first cup of coffee, damnit.

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