July 14, 2003

mail call

I got the coolest present in the mail today! THESE! Aren't those the cutest?? Thank you CG, I'll wear them this coming weekend.

I also wanted to post a link to a picture. I met Winddance and her boy last week. I took a great picture of them then flaked on asking her if it was OK for me to post it. It is ok, so here is the link to the picture. We were in the food court area at the PX. We had just finished figuring out that Lisa and I are girltards when it comes to makeup. Seriously. I couldn't figure out what half that shit was for. Mascara primer?? What is that and why would I use it? Green metallic mascara? Why?? It was quite scary.

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Another soldier has been killed.

Sure, it is only about a hundred now. But a hundred turns into a few hundred turns into a thousand turns into a few thousand.

Even India doesn't want to help out in the area. Not unless the UN sends down an explicit mandate.

There are a few countries that will send assistance. About 1,200 to be exact. How many American troops are there now?

Have a nice day.

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