July 12, 2003

Secret revealed

I know, I've been quite good about not talking about it. I wanted to make sure that everyone that needed to know before, knew. They do, everything is good to go, and now y'all can know too...

I'm going to meet my son! I fly to Columbus next weekend. After that, I'm not quite sure what the plan is. I have a hotel reserved, a car reserved and more than a few people standing by to make sure that I don't jump out of my own skin at the last minute. Or freak out. Or run and hide in the bathtub or something.

Yes, I'm nervous. I can't explain why, I just know I am. I can't believe that in a week, I'll be sitting in front of him, face to face. It doesn't seem real yet.

I went out today and took more garden pr0n pictures. Yes, that is what John calls all the pics. I had a good time. I like how the front of the house is starting to look. In another few weeks I'll have tons more blooms. We got a note on our door the other day saying that our yard looks nice and thanking us for making it pretty. Sure did make some of the hard work worth it. Funny note from an IM conversation earlier...I was telling someone about how there is a "yard of the year" and some "yard of the month" competitions going on here soon. She asked what I was going to do if we don't win. I liked her suggestion of putting up a sign saying "My yard beat up your Yard of the Year!" I think a sea of pink flamingos would work too.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep it up over the winter and have it look this nice in the Spring! :)

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