July 11, 2003


This article was interesting. Talking about what people are thinking and feeling when a loved one returns from deployment. I can identify with the first story, about not telling her children that daddy is coming home. I remember nights sitting by the phone, waiting for the phone call saying "yes, he is on the plane and will be arriving tonight." You never wanted to get the one that said "He didn't get on the flight...the next one is a week away." I sympathize and really, I did the same thing with the wildchild. I wouldn't tell her what we were doing in the big building in the middle of the night with all the people around. Seeing daddy was just going to be a big surprise.


Lest you think we're all relaxed about this deployment...read this. 10-25 attacks a day? Randomly? Yeah, that will help me sleep at night. This article says at least a thousand troops have been injured. Nice.


This is our military at work. I clicked on another link from that page, here, and this part bothers me on so many levels:

KIEHL: James and I talked the Sunday before he left and he said, "Dad, I'm a computer repair technician. I should not be going towards anywhere near any of the fighting, I should be in the back behind the lines."

I can't count the number of times John has said something similar to me. I'm not calmed by it any longer. The ambushes and attacks are happening so randomly that I doubt there is much anyone could say to aleviate those fears.

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