July 08, 2003

don't forget

I don't want you to forget that people are still dying in Iraq. I don't want you to think that just because the President said that "major combat operations have ended in Iraq" that everything is OK over there. I want you to go to that link and slowly scroll through each page, each name. Read how old they were, where they were from, and how they died. Look at the pictures, because that is what is left of them. Pictures and memories.

I don't want you to forget because every single family member that has had someone die since May 1st isn't forgetting. They can't forget. Their soldier is coming home in a casket draped with a flag. A flag they fought for. A flag they believed in. A flag that will be given to the grieving parent or spouse. That flag won't let them forget.

I don't want you to forget because pretty soon...it is going to be all I can think about. Pretty soon I will return to watching CNN and whatever other news channels are talking about Iraq. Pretty soon I will be in the ranks of people with hearts jumping every time a headline states that another soldier has been killed in Iraq. There are no "safe" places. There is no "safe" job to have.

I don't want you to forget because as much as it doesn't seem like this touches your life in any way, shape or form...it is touching mine.

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