July 07, 2003

Damn Murphy

Welcome to Murphyland...where if it can go wrong at the worst time, it will.

John just left in my car to go buy a new starter for his truck. Those damn things are not cheap. Why? Why this month? Why this week? Like I didn't decide to spend enough money this month on something else?? Bah!

We had a lovely weekend that involved many naps, a few drinks, a lot of grill time and one trip to the ER. Oh? You want clarification on that last one?

John had back spasms...and no, I didn't kick him while he was sleeping, I don't care what he tells you! He woke up yesterday and his back was sore. He got a massage, sat in a warm bath and laid down to take a nap. When he woke up he was um, well, a little vocal about the pain in his back. I was just getting ready to leave the house. Instead of going off to the grocery store, we traipsed off to the ER. He got the same drugs as I did (and no, I can't share mine with him...HE has to take pee-tests and if he doesn't have the prescription his ass is in trouble) and promptly came home, took them and went to bed.

Thankfully he is feeling much better this morning. Good thing, because I have no idea how to take a starter out of a vehicle. I don't think I could even identify a starter. He, on the other hand, got it out and was on his way to the store before I could even take a shower. OK, so it wasn't like I was moving fast or anything. I'm also doing laundry and mopping floors. Give me a break, ok? Or a big bag of money. Or a better job that is full hours. Or how about a day where nothing goes wrong? I think I'd like that best.

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