June 26, 2003

Does this song make my ass look big?

OK, so uh, I've been listening to some country music. Stop laughing. Val told me that it was my age, that once you reached a certain age/maturity you just started listening to country music. Did she call me old, y'all? I can't quite tell. Anyway, I started off pretty simple. Alison Krauss or Nickel Creek. I can explain those away as just mellow stuff and not *really* country. Look, I don't care that I had to go to the Country section at the store to find the CDs, they aren't THAT country!

So a few songs. A few suggestions from F to download. (or uh, found for free and immediately deleted! Don't sue me!) I had a few Chris Cagle songs, a few Gary Allen songs. Shit! How can I explain those away? Well...I can't. Good songs, if not a little "my dog ran away with my wife and my pick-up truck" depressing.

I start watching VH1-Country. Oh look, a music video channel that plays videos! What a novel fucking idea! I watched that channel while I was in pain and in bed the weekend I was supposed to be in Nashville. I could claim that I was seduced by men in cowboy hats while I was laying there on Vicodin, right? They sung me to sleep every few hours. They sang songs about love and pain and cute kids. They strummed their guitars and winked at the camera and did that sexy thing with the hat where they tilt their head down just so, hiding their face. Uh, hold on, I need to turn on the air conditioner, it is suddenly a bit warm in here.

Oh, much better now. So I started looking for songs that I liked from the TV. I found a lot of Alison Krauss, especially from suggestions from friends. The bastards could have warned me that everything from her Forget About It CD was damn depressing...but oh so beautiful. Then...well, then I found the ultimate country song. I'd heard the video during my drugged weekend in bed and just liked the way it sounded...

Don't Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim. Of course, I have the version from Kelly Willis, but ya know, that song is both sad as fucking hell and funnier than most things I can think of. I am just in love with the irony. I would love to find the version sung by Kirsty MacColl.

So there you have it, my dirty little music secret. I've been listening to country music. And I like it. Oh stop looking at me like that! Wait...come back! I'm still cool, right? Doesn't it make my ass look nicer?

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