June 24, 2003

Cranky McBitchypants

I'm in a shitty mood despite the nice phone call I just had. I spent way too long sitting around waiting this morning at the doctor's office. They call it an appointment for a reason. Additionally, they want you there 15 minutes early. So I show up at 8:40 for my 9:00 appointment and don't get seen until after 10? Annoying. Way fucking annoying!

So there was that. Which didn't help my mood. I've been a little cranky the past few days and it isn't getting better. The whole deployment thing? I actually have some doubts on how hard John is really working to NOT go. I think I have some pretty fucking valid concerns and points and I feel like I'm just being dismissed in the whole matter. That he is just going to do what he wants to do anyway and to hell with what I want this time. He doesn't really want to talk about it and whenever I try, he just interrupts me and says what he thinks and refuses to listen to my points, all the while saying "I understand" and then repeating what he said the first time. And ya know what? I'll never fucking know the truth, because all he'll have to say is that they are making him go. Plain and simple. And ya know another thing? I'm getting fucking tired of it. Haven't I spent enough time going where I was told and doing what is expected of me? What about what I want? When the fuck do I get that?

Bleh...I don't think I could have done more swearing in the last few minutes. Some damn birthday week this is turning out to be.

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