June 23, 2003


Lack of sunshine + addicting, sad music from Alison Krauss != a happy Michelle. (did you all get that? it does NOT equal...)

It is supposed to be SUMMER. Hear that Mother Nature? Not 52 fucking degrees and cloudy! It if was even just warm, I might be able to forgive some of the clouds, but no, ya gotta go and make it cold and cloudy and all depressing out there. I'm supposed to be outside taking pictures of all my pretty flowers. They look better in sunshine, got that? And it is June....JUNE, I should NOT have to put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt to walk outside!

OK, enough bitching.

I need to get John on board with this whole Birthday Week thing. Don't I get to be a princess for the week or something? I'm still ticked off that I need to work on my birthday. It'll suck muchly.

I'm going to go get dressed and find pretty things to take pictures of. Yes, I am that bored.

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I've been listening to music. This song made me cry...

That Kind of Love - Alison Krauss

Who would sell their soul for love?
Or waste one tear on compromise
Should be easy enough
To know a heartache in disguise
But the heart rules the mind
And the going gets rough
Pride takes the fall
When you find that kind of love

I can't help feeling like a fool
Since I lost that place inside
Where my heart knew its way
And my soul was ever wise
Once innocence was lost
There was not faith enough
Still my heart held on
When it found that kind of love

Though beauty is rare enough
Still we trust
Somehow we'll find it there
With no guarantee
It seems to me
At least it should be fair

But if it's only tears and pain
Isn't it still worth the cost
Like some sweet saving grace
Or a river we must cross
If we don't understand
What this life is made of
We learn the truth
When we find that kind of love
Cause when innocence is lost
There is not faith enough
We learn the truth
When we find that kind of love

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