June 22, 2003

Update, the final

I am home. Home! Home! Home! Y'all, I'm not kidding when I tell you that I tried to sell my child to get a first class seat on the flight from Dallas to Seattle. Or, ya know, give them $120. Luckily for WildChild and my wallet, there were no seats to be had. Full flight. There was not much rejoicing on my part. The flight from Ohio to Dallas...a fucking puddle jumper...for THREE hours! Those seats suck more than a souped up Hoover. I was pretty miserable and only slept about an hour of the flight. Then I had to trek across DFW for what seemed like hours. I could have used a sherpa....or some water.

My timing was perfect for John picking me up. About the time I walked out the door of the terminal he was pulling to the curb. Found me on the first drive thru! We went and ate mexican food and now I am home, enjoying a Crown Royal (thanks F! They wanted to take it at the airport but couldn't because it was sealed!) and diet pepsi. I've unpacked my suitcase and started some laundry. Eventually I will make it to the shower and get all the airport funk off of me. Then...I will nap! :)

I have a ton of things to think about as far as the job. Do I want to do it? Yes. Can I do it? Well, *I* can, but now my fate seems to be laying in John's hands and if he gets deployed. The orders have come down. He will be doing a LOT of kissing ass and talking tomorrow to try and make sure he is NOT deployed. I do NOT want to pass up this opportunity. I WILL NOT pass up this opportunity. I will find a way to make it happen...just watch me.

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