June 21, 2003

Update part two

So I didn't power nap. I ordered in some dinner (club sandwich) and a pot of coffee since I was cold. Yeah, I know...coffee isn't real intelligent choice if you want to nap. I was cold damnit! Room Service is cool...you get these tiny little jars of mayo and mustard and little mini-bottles of ketchup. They almost look like condiments for kids. And ya know, sitting around in your jammies while someone delivers you food? Always a good damn thing! It feels like I am so spoiled!

I finished up all of the presentations. Then I packed up the laptop and finished up with the rest of my packing. All I have to do is pack up my laptop and change my clothes (and pack up the PJs) and close up the suitcase.

I'm sad that I didn't have more time to just sit and catch up with F. I totally understand his need to work and take care of things. I mean, he's one of the bosses and all. It is just that well, it's been twenty years...there is a lot of catching up to do. Every time one of us asked a question this morning there was an answer and a story involved. Not much quiet time. It just seemed that those few hours went by so damn fast. It is almost like someone dangling one of your best friends in front of you but yanking them back every time you get going in a good conversation. Total bummer, ya know?

It is almost 1am and I talked to him on the phone an hour ago. Things weren't going well and he wanted me to remember to call him at 2 to remind him to come pick me up.

Guess that means I need to entertain myself for another hour, huh? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Update from Ohio

I am so going to have to have a second interview! I haven't been able to meet one of the people I'm supposed to meet because of emergencies all weekend. My friend has been gone for about half of my time here. I mean, it is good, as it gave me time to spiffy up the presentation that they are using. I don't suggest doing that while drinking. You don't catch all those pesky apostrophes!

So my flights were eventful. I checked in two hours early at the airport (as instructed) and was told that my flight to Dallas was running an hour late. Now see, that doesn't work for me because I only have a half hour to catch my connecting flight to Ohio! I spoke with the nicest woman at the ticket counter and she put me on standby to St Louis and first class from St Louis to Ohio! She was nice! And ya know what? My ass needs to fly first class more often! So I got in OK, called John and let him know that I was safe and on the ground. Got picked up and taken to the hotel (very nice) and got my room and all. F had to go to work so he fired up his laptop and showed me the presentations. He left and I got to work. I completed two of the presentations as best I could without some questions being asked. I still found a few more mistakes this morning, mainly just grammar/punctuation stuff. It looks much more smooth and flows a lot better.

Woke up this morning and sat and talked with F for a while. Got the whole "this is what the job would be" speech and presentation (one was a presentation that I'd done the night before, so that was kinda cool), ordered some room service for lunch and now, here I am back in my room and he's back at work. I set the alarm for two to make sure I remember to call him. He needs to pick me up at three to make sure I'm all checked out of the hotel and at the airport by about four. Yes, fourfuckingAM. Since I didn't sleep at all on the flights here, I was glad I got a few hours this morning while he was working. And I'm glad there is coffee you can make in your room :)

So, here I am. It is about 6:30pm here and I'm already in my PJs. I hope to have the last of the presentations completed and done like he wants. Then maybe I can get a few hours of power napping in before I have to be at the airport. And I finally figured out that the phone near the laptop has a bad dataport. Thankfully, the other phone has a working port and I was able to get online this afternoon. Checked email. Gonna go fire up chat for a bit and see what is going on.

BTW, y'all, Dell laptops have the shittiest keyboard layout! I spent half my time last night fixing mistakes I made because I'm so used to my own keyboard.

OK, that is all for now. I'll write more when I get home.

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