June 19, 2003

It is all about who you know

So I emailed off a pretty general resume of John's yesterday morning. I had to laugh when the people that looked at it just zoomed in on the one tiny block he had that covered the first ten years of his career. He was in a pretty technical job before the Army did away with the whole missile system. He's done a lot of teaching as far as basic electronics and such. Went to school, got his associates degree (technology) and really enjoyed it.

Anyway, it looks like someone is very interested in talking to him when it is closer to his retirement date. Good job. I told him as much, and acted as the in-between between talking to my friend and John, we answered some questions and such about what he can and can't do, what he does and doesn't know. John had all the right answers it seems, so that is a great thing. He'll have a much more detailed interview once retirement is visable on the horizon.

That saying, "It isn't what you know but who you know" seems to be quite true in this case.

My back is still feeling better every day. I've got plenty of pills for the trip...just in case. I don't think I'll need them, but it is good to know I'll have them. Since I only need to take like one change of clothes, the good news is that everything fits in the pink suitcase. I promise to take a picture of it, as I talk about it as much as I do. I love my luggage!

I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go. OK, so I never really UNpacked from last week, but it is all good, right? I have to try and remember tonight to park out on the street. They are doing some kind of resurfacing on the streets and driveways and our street is scheduled for tomorrow. That means I'm driving myself to the airport and leaving the car. I don't want John to have to worry about moving cars around and such, and he'll most likely be working on Sunday when I get back anyway. So much for three day weekends this month, huh?

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