June 16, 2003

I survived!

So I survived my first night back in class. My students were quite nice and only made a few cracks about my getting old. I did take one muscle relaxer when I got there and it seemed to help, at least for a little bit. Still quite sore and achey feeling, but now that I'm home, I took two. They should be kicking in any time now and then I'll go to bed.

I have to say something nice about my boss. I know I bitch about him most times, but he did make sure that my class is covered this Friday. So uh, F, I'd best be flying out somewhere Thursday night because I can't ask for more time off! :) At first my boss said I owed him my firstborn for covering my class, but when I reminded him that she's almost a teenager he quickly said he would think of some other favor. Figures, huh?

My class is a little ticked off that I'll be gone on Friday. They really are a great class but they were bored senseless while I was gone. I promised them that I would have plenty of assignments for them to do on the night that I'm gone. That seemed to appease them for tonight. I'll have to come up with some more challenge assignments, since they are going through the regular curriculum like there is no tomorrow. It is a blessing to not have any students that are afraid of the computer or the mouse. It makes for a much faster paced class.

Well, the drugs are starting to kick in so I'd better end this so that I don't end up passed out in the computer chair. Have a wonderful evening everyone and I'll try and think of something to talk about tomorrow.

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um, ow!

Yes, that is what I said this morning when the doctor (a REAL doctor, not a PA like I saw on Thursday) was poking around my lower back. Why yes, that does mean that we took another trip to the hospital this morning! I tried to get through to make an appointment with a doctor but the earliest they could see me was next Tuesday. Um, not helpful, but thanks!

We went back to the ER, which made me feel like some kind of loser-girl who has nothing better to do with her Monday morning..but really, the pain! The pain! (and did anyone else just get a flash of Fantasy Island?)

Anyway...real doctor sort of lectured me about how coming to the ER was not a way to get my pain meds refilled. I informed him that it wasn't why I was there, but while I was still in pain and wanted it to just go away, there was obviously some other underlying issue that was not being addressed. I even had to pee in a cup people. Do you know how HARD that is when you can barely handle sitting still? Don't worry, I washed my hands. Three times. I waited and waited and waited some more. Then he came in and said my urine sample was fine (gee, thanks..I could have told you that for free) but that he was on his way to look at the x-rays from Thursday. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. He finally comes back and asks why I wasn't prescribed any muscle relaxers on Thursday. Blank stare from me. How the hell should I know why they didn't prescribe something for me? So he proceeds to draw some pictures on the table and show me what the x-rays did show. He said that while they can't take an x-ray of muscle, mine showed that the curvature of my lower back was out of whack which is a good indication of muscle spasms. OK, that makes sense. He prescribed some muscle relaxers and sent me on my way with a reccomendation that I go to family practice and get myself a referral for physical therapy. With all the weight loss that has happened and is happening, my back is most likely overcompensating. He even asked me when I'd had my bypass surgery. My what? He assumed that since I'd lost weight, that is what I had done. No, I did it all on my own assface, thankyouverymuch. When I told him I did it with low carb, he asked me how I could stand being on that for so long...didn't it get boring? Look, my back hurts and I'm not here to defend my way of eating. Great, you are happy that I've lost weight, now give me my prescription and let me leave.

Y'all, I'm already feeling better. I took two pills and laid down for a nap on my trusty heating pad. I woke up a few hours later and didn't feel the horrible stiffness that had been toying with my pain meter for the past four days. I'm getting ready for work. Slowly, but still, getting ready. I'll take another pill when I get there and two more when I get home. I should be a brand new person by tomorrow morning. Which is good, because I'm sure that my bitching about my back pain doesn't make for the most interesting of journals.

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