June 14, 2003

The view from here...

Do you know what I see? I see...

- the quilt/blanket thingy that John and I made. I think you can see it in two of the cat pictures. Yes, we used bright colors. I love bright colors. It is the perfect weight for all sleeping temps. Not too hot when it is warm but thick enough to keep you warm if it is cold.

- every damn pillow on the bed is now associated with me somehow. I either have them behind me so I can resemble some sort of sitting up position or I have them under my knees. Yeah baby, I'm all about the sexy right now, huh?

- the tv, which is turned slightly so that it faces me. We spend like $100 a month for digital cable and all the fucking channels...so why have I spent the last 48 hours in this bed watching music channels? Specifically, why have I spent the last 48 hours watching VH1Country? People, I have some of these songs memorized now! Marcel wants you to come to Tennessee and Rascal Flatts wants to love you out loud. Really.

- the AC with the fan right in front of it. Look, it was a cheap little window AC when we bought it (cheap is usually our operating budget, ya know?) back in El Paso, so it doesn't circulate the air as well as it should. Even in just one room. However, what we found is that if you put a fan in front of it, to draw the air out a bit, you can cool the room so much faster. It works. Sorta like the fan-in-front-of-a-bowl-of-ice theory..but with electricity and and air conditioner.

- the nighstand. Assorted flotsam and jetsam. a clock, some pills, a few bottles of water, three lighters, some paper clips, a shower cap, an address book, a napkin, oil for the shredder. You were warned.

- the footboard. Currently has a pair of jeans and a bathrobe laying across it. Neither of which are mine.

That is about it...have I mentioned how fucking boring it is to lay here, mostly on your back...and NOT be getting any enjoyment out of it?

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