June 13, 2003

bad backs and not flying

I'm supposed to be in Nashville right now. Where am I? I'm home in bed, on my back.

I'm now completely convinced that things happen for a reason. Really.

So on Wednesday I was running around and packing and, in general, making sure that I was ready to go. It wasn't turning out to be the best of days, ya know? Girl week showed up to make sure that travel was going to not only be tiring but annoying. Then my back started to hurt again. Bad. So bad that I laid on the bed with a heating pad and seriously thought about not going. Sitting made it feel worse and I couldn't imagine the five hour flight to the east coast. I took some Aleve and decided to soldier on through. John came home and started to worry that I'd be miserable on the flight. I said I'd be fine and off we went to take me to work. Pain. Lots of pain. Then my cell rings....

"Don't get on the plane!" I hear. The person that I was supposed to meet had an emergency and needed to not be in Nashville. I won't go into why, because really, that is personal and you just don't need to know. Suffice it to say that I didn't get on the plane.

I talked to my boss, who had noticed that I wasn't my usual "perky" self. I told him what was going on as far as Nashville was concerned but that I still wanted to take off Thursday and Friday off because of my back. He agreed and said "well, I'm sorry you don't get to go, but perhaps these things happen for a reason."

He is right. I would have been in tears for that five hour flight. No really, tears people. I spent all day Thursday in bed, until John came home and made me get dressed and go to the ER. Why? you ask? Because at about 5am I'd tried to get out of bed on my own, ended up halfway on my knees and couldn't get up or move. John had to come around the bed (after I scared the shit out of him by yelling his name) and help me up. He laid me back in bed on my side and propped me up and surrounded me with a bunch of pillows. I slept some more until he came home.

I got some X-rays and the good news is that there is nothing wrong bone-wise with my back. I've just got to use ice more and make sure that I'm taking the anti-inflammatory they gave me. The doc wasn't quite sure why this keeps happening. It isn't like I'm moving around heavy furniture or something. He was asking a lot of questions and such, and when I'd mentioned losing a bunch of weight, he said that could have caused it as well. My center of balance being all off and my body trying to readjust to the loss.

So....it looks like we'll be trying this again for next weekend. I'll be flying to Cleveland I think. I should be in MUCH better shape by then. Maybe I can hit the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame!

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