June 11, 2003


Well, I'm all packed for my trip to Nashville. I had to pull out an old messenger bag because it became clear that my purse was just NOT going to cut it for the things that didn't fit in the suitcase. Kate Spade, why hast thou forsaken me and my carry-on items?? The good thing is, I can probably pull out a few small things from there and make it a little easier to close.

I've got the MD recorder going so that I'll have plenty of music to listen to. I've got a few books to take with me since I've been all slack in my reading lately. I have plenty of batteries for the MD player. I'll have a few minis that I'll buy at the booze store when I venture out here shortly. What? Man, I'm not paying like 150% to have a drink, ya know? I'll be on the red-eye so I'm hoping to at least have a seat between me and anyone else, or even a row to myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

John's mission while I am gone is to get my car fixed. The damn motor for the power window on the driver's side is out. This normally would not be a problem, except that we drive thru a gate every damn day and have to show an ID. I feel like such a flake, having to open up my door and sheepishly state "sorry, broken window" to the poor soul standing there. I have no idea how much it will be to fix it...probably not cheap. Could someone please make that money tree grow a little faster? While you are at it, send me good job vibes while you are at it. And money.

For those that haven't noticed yet, I added a picture gallery. See it over there, on the left? I added some pictures of the cats today as well as a bunch of old pictures that my sister sent to me. Since I didn't have any pictures of me from before the age of about 24, she spent one morning taking picture after picture of photographs that she has. I posted some, so enjoy. And don't laugh damnit! Man, if only I looked like my senior picture...but without the 80's hair and bad makeup :)

Anyway, I'm off to the bank and the store. I'll try and update while I'm in Nashville. If not, have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend everyone!

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