June 08, 2003


So we did some work today. It was so hot again that I told John we had to find the old window unit AC that we have and put it in the bedroom. Anyone who has known me for more than about a day knows how I like to be cool when I sleep. I am miserable when trying to sleep in a hot room. Anyway, poor John looked at me like I was nuts. Go out there...in the heat and sun?? I asked him if perhaps we'd been smart and put it in the smaller gardening storage area. His eyes lit up...YES! That is where it was! We had to move a few boxes out of the way, but it was pretty easy to reach.

We brought it into the bedroom, got it all installed in the window and all that. Then John started to move his old computer that was sitting on the desk in here. He never uses it but I was still a little surprised. He said he figured that since this was going to be the room with AC I would want to move the laptop in here. Smart one, he is! He got everything moved off and I started cleaning the desk off. Moved the laptop in here and got everything situated. I've been out of the bedroom to shower and eat dinner. Oh shut up.

It is quiet and cold in here...I think that means it might be bedtime soon. Now if I could only sleep...

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