June 06, 2003

you know you want my life

So I'm sitting here after work, minding my own business. I'm on the computer which sits in the dining room. All of a sudden I see John coming down the hall. He takes a left then a quick right into the kitchen. I hear the side door open and close. I figure he went outside to turn off the sprinkler or something. Then I thought "hey, it wasn't on when I came home" and wander outside to find him. (note: he was completely asleep when I got home)

I "meet" him in the carport. He was walking in from the backyard. He gives me a big hug. I ask him what he was doing. He said he had to pee. I pull back and look at him. He's totally serious. We walk into the house and he starts telling me that there was someone out there with him. Someone else had woken him up. I look at him under the kitchen light. He's awake. I started laughing and he got a little ticked off. He started telling me that he had to make sure that everyone was up and ready to go. I'm not quite sure what this has to do with peeing in the backyard.

He fixed himself a drink and walked into the living room. I followed and sat down at the computer. I finally asked him if he was awake and remembered what he did. It is a little fuzzy but it sounds as though he was sleepwalking. And sleep-pissing.

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