June 04, 2003


I woke up this morning and took this picture. Yes, that is my laptop. Yes, it is sitting on the dining room table. Yes, the table is a mess. Oh hush, you can't tell me I'm the only person to take over a nice big table and make everyone eat in the living room!

I took a picture of the plants in the kitchen window. The one on the left is an asparagus fern and the one on the left is obviously an ivy. And no laughing at my little flower lights. Really. Stop it! I also can't be the only person with pretty lights up in her kitchen? Am I?

I stepped outside. These are the long planters that sit on the little half wall that hides the trash cans. I was really thinking that the lobelia seeds were never going to sprout. Now they seem to have gone nuts! I can't wait for them to bloom out. Or, ya know, grow more than a half damn inch.

Here on the corner of the wall I have a small bowl. In the back right is a bacopia (is that spelled right?) and the front has trailing blue. They finally sprouted some flowers and I just love the colors.

In the foreground is a large hanging basket of more bacopia. In the background is a mix of trailing verbena and some other small flowers. I'm too tired to go outside and look at the little stick thingy. Yes, I blocked out our house number.

John and I went shopping this morning. (Did I mention he's back? Walked in last night and he was here :) My main objective was to find some cheap lawn chairs that lay flat so I could put in some sun time this week. We didn't find any at the store on base, but we did pick up a few things. Like the little bird feeder that you see there on the left. Got John some new running shoes. Got some little hose guide thingys so I don't rip out the lilac bushes. Bird seed. Grass seed. Ya know, the usual shit you buy at 10am on a Wednesday.

Same time. I forgot how excited I was to buy a hose roller upper thingy. Yes people, I was excited about that. Yes, I know the car is dirty and needs a nice bath. No, I don't feel like doing that today.

Look, we're driving down the freeway! Actually I was just playing with the camera and thought it was amusing that it looks like John is driving us off the road. And look....SUNSHINE! It was beautiful today. I'm quite sad that I have to get in the shower soon and trudge off to work.

ok, last but not least...

A few people have asked for a more recent picture. Specifically someone asked for one yesterday. I couldn't refuse...he paid for the camera! Anyway, this is me, yesterday afternoon at about 4:40pm. My face is still red from the hot shower. No, I still don't wear makeup. No, I'm not wearing contacts...can't you see the faint little dots on the nose from my glasses? I did a cartoon effect on it and thought it looked cool. No, I didn't change any colors or anything...I don't know how to do that yet. Hope you like it....

Have I mentioned that I love the camera?

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