June 03, 2003


First off....

Yes, the jeans all fit out of the dryer. In fact, after about two minutes they are almost too big! So neener neener to anyone who thought they wouldn't fit. Take that, bitches!

Now, for the bestest of news...

I got a fucking camera for birthday month!!!! Holy shit is it nice! Kodak DX6340 AND the camera dock! I'm speechless. I'm floored. I'm fucking thrilled is what I am! It is so small and compact. I'm being forced to read the manual while I wait for the battery to charge. That would be a good thing, since I'm not usually one to RTFM, ya know? It is amazing! It will do just about everything but make my damn coffee in the morning! I can even adjust the view finder to suit my horrible vision so I can take pictures without my glasses on!

I'm going to go play now...it is almost charged. Y'all are about to be bombarded with pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!

Thank you F, it is an amazing gift!

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