June 01, 2003

It is birthday month!

The month of June always makes me happy. Even though I have to wait most of the month for my damn birthday to roll around, it it like seeing an old friend again. My friend, June...bringer of sunshine and warmer weather.

I'm going to Nashville on the 13th. Job interview. Oh hush, the country music won't kill me. I'll start watching CMT or something to help acclimate my ears. John actually laughed at me. I mean sure, he hopes I get the job and all...but he found it quite amusing that I am going to the country music capitol.

WildChild is just about done in the shower so I'm going to cut this short and go take one myself. I spent yesterday in my PJs all day, so I should shower and put on some real clothes today. I might even venture off to the grocery store. Or I might just lounge on the couch while I do laundry. The possibilities are endless...

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